Time to say things that were friends who never asked for anything!! Some friendships go beyond the concept of time..they are based on understanding, compassion and trust. Such friends make you a better human being with each conversation.  This is for one such friend..

Scary mountains and stormy seas,

Best pranks and secret deeds

We’ve shared it all, Just on a call.

An idiot with a cracked up mind,

You are really one of a kind.

A fighter in spirit, with a lot of strength and wit!

Advised me in every even and odd,

Heard my stories of honesty and fraud.

That’s what soulful friends are for..every moment..every hour!

Artistic Earth


Creative souls search for openness, they look for beauty in everything, embrace change n have the best possible ways of emoting themselves..

Not stagnant..not prejudiced..they search for the ‘Artistic Earth’.

Where candle meets the shadow,

where grudge meets forgiveness..

Where dreams reach the sky,

where the rain dances..

Where love has no boundaries,

where fear has no space.

Where paintings speak and colors dance,

where spirits don’t decay.

Where laughter is the parameter of beauty,

where hope blooms.

I’ll be found there,

Yes..right there!



John Lennon once said “When I was 5 yrs old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, I told them they didn’t understand life.”

The concept of happiness for me, has changed over time, specially in last 4-5 years. I earlier thought that being successful was being happy. because success will give me money and fame and respect and therefore I’ll be happy. There were times when I felt successful, had quiet good amount of money, I felt moderately happy also. But it wasn’t something I was searching all along. There was a part in my head which shouted “This isn’t are much more. Step out of this box!” More and more days passed n happiness became lesser and lesser. I knew some people who found happiness in spending and eating at the best and biggest restaurants of the town..getting the highest grade in the college but didn’t know how to respect their teacher..making up with their lovers with expensive gifts when they could only give a flower n say I Love You and things would have fallen into place..but probably that defined happiness to them n that is totally understood, after all happiness is subjective.

I was in that ‘Being there done that’ stage when I noticed that happiness is just a tag on several things and I get the real joy while hugging a friend when he needs it the most, dancing my heart out, spending time with my mom, feeding a hungry stray dog, writing whatever I am feeling at the moment, gazing at the stars, telling my friends how much I love them, feeling the raindrops on my face, giving my seat to an elderly person in the metro or bus, chasing my dreams, falling down and standing up again..that makes me happy..all of that! Such things now define happiness to me. 🙂

Gratitude, Aim, Strength, Peace, Love, Hope, Hard work, Compassion. Now this defines happiness to me. And I wish to achieve more n more of all this in 2015. Happy New Year everyone! Don’t tarnish your thoughts..set yourself free. Be happy.  Breathe.

Walking Tall


I used to walk, I used to crawl

Then I realized life isn’t a road,

But a wall.

With my steps, I carried sacks.

They made me huff and puff,

But I kept walking with the stuff.

One sack of guilt, another of anger

One of death and one of danger.

One grudge I couldn’t let go

One deep fear I didn’t show.

One Fine Day

I decided to smile again

with hope, not pain.

Took off the baggage, took off the mask,

n there was nothing more I could ask.

Light and Joyous

Alive and Precious.

Moving forward loving every moment,

don’t remember where the burdens went.

It’s still not easy,

I still feel the blues.

Burdens glue with me for a while,

But I bring them down with a smile.

The wind hitting my face makes me glow,

I no more feel low.

Now loving peace and not guns,

I’ve learnt to bend the burdens.

Fall 9 times in front of the wall,

But get up for 10th

And keep Walking Tall.


The smiles go smaller
The laughs go lighter.
We listen less
And ask more.

Its surprising to know,
That we have to let go.
My favourite person that is,
With whom life seemed a bliss.

As the promises stale,
The bonds go pale.
I don’t wanna stay,
Coz I know it’ll decay.

Birthday Blues

Its again that time of the year
When I get high hopes
And lose all fear.

The feeling of getting a year older
Its coldly happy n clearly blurred
But I truly have become a strong shoulder.

Still a child at heart
Love the smell of the rain
And the night with stars

And god has gifted me realizations
Sitting with my dog and not humans
This sometimes go unnoticed
But I make the most of it.

The light that evokes in my head is thinner than a thread
Thinner but stronger.

M writing this poem without a rhyme scheme,
Coz expected answers are boring
N I believe in living my dream!

Magic Wand

I have mixed emotions while writing this piece. What will it look like if I write about my I  being kiddish? Or funny? Or over emotional? But then I thought that m just being real!

My dog was my best friend keeping all my secrets, listening all the good and bad deeds of mine and still not judging me! That wagging tail when I used to return from work…that silent presence whenever I was sad..that early morning cuddling session…those innocent eyes blackmailing me for another piece of cake! That furry kid at times became my pillow and never said (barked) a word! 😛 My dog was the baby of the family..we loved him and he loved us 100 times more! 🙂 He made me a better human being, helped me absorb the goodness in everything. And now its almost an year without him and I still miss his cuddles. I felt a vaccum developing inside me, the guilt of not being able to save him created ripples in my brain. I cried. But there was no end to the feeling of loss!

Then making deals with time, I became better, smiled more, remembered less! Dogs give us a different kind of treatment than humans, and that is the quality of unconditional positive regard! Who all love dogs will definately understand this beautiful feeling of acceptance. These paw buddies are the best therapy to every problem..the best celebration to every happiness. They don’t speak but redefine the parameters of love and loyalty. They r lil magic wands! 🙂

This is to my dog Jaadu (funny name..haa!) 😛 . My best companion ever! 😀

Don’t Kill My Vibe

As the dark shuts the light

The bitter conquers the sweet,

Here stands melancholy

To come n greet!


The bubble of imagination,

The book of thoughts,

The pillow of dreams,



My vibes then come strong,

Humming a positive song.

Building the castle of dreams,

The spirit on my face beams.


The room is filled with light,

Giving energy and insight.

Don’t come inside.

Don’t kill my vibe!

Drops from Heaven

The endless blue sky is not visible anymore. I see a grey quilt over it when I look up. These grey clouds are pouring magic and the rhythm of rain is my new favorite music! There is something charismatic about these drops from heaven, that even in viral I can’t keep myself away from it..leaning on the balcony railing, smiling with every drop I feel on my face. 🙂 . Such times give a chance to redefine one’s creative expression, to open and indulge in the moment.
This serenic view cannot be captured in any camera..neither can be defined through writing..this peace is to be felt. Rain doesn’t only spell romance, like its portrayed in movies, but also spells one’s escape to beauty and belief..also spells nature’s brilliance. Being close to nature once in a while gives me a fresh perspective..let’s me absorb everything useful. I feel in sync with the weather!


Life is full of things we don’t wanna have at all. Things we don’t wanna live with, fears we don’t wanna face, people we hate, places we don’t like. We sometimes wanna run away from all the nonsense! An uncomfortable vibe surrounds us when we think of such things. Its happening now, m irritated even by writing about it.
We all want peace. We need to have something worth living for. That makes life more sensible if not simple. That Aim. That Junoon. That one thing for which you can work day and night long. It gives relief. Yes! That dream that doesn’t let you sleep. Aim gives motivation, it pulls you to itself and you don’t feel stuck anymore! The same life contains a different meaning now and you feel liberated!
Many of us don’t even know what we love doing. Some of us who don’t identify or ignore their passion lack something in their lives. Trust me..once you realise what is there that you give all your heart to, you’ll have a different angle towards everything. It makes you a rebel..a risk taker..a courageous and  a confident person! And above all, it’ll make you a better human being because you’ll know the value of dreams. A feeling of achievement will enter your heart and you’ll definitely help any other person chasing his aim. That will be the extension of your goodness! 🙂 Knowing that its possible to reach, feel and live dreams fully is a plutonic feeling! Having that
‘Junoon’ completes the motive of life! It opens up many shades of YOU to you! Its unbelievable to see yourself coming so strong and its great to imbibe it.
A leap of faith as it looks..but if u carry faith in head n heart, the leap is super safe! Go for it!